Houston Metal Roofing Installation Guide

Installing A Metal Roofing Houston

Metal roofing is one solution you might need to consider if you prefer an efficient and cost-effective roofing solution for your home or industrial building. Although you might think it is too costly, remember that it will have a much longer service life and overtime can be the least expensive choice.

Metal Has A Long Service Life

Installing metal roofing on houses is an excellent option. Experts say that a metal roof withstands the rigors of time better than other types of roofing. Metal roofing will have less wear and tear, you can usually expect them to have a service life of 40 to 50 years or more. Your roofs service life may vary, depending on the area and weather conditions where your metal roofing is installed.

Gable Style Metal Roof

It’s Possible To Do It Yourself

With getting your roof installed, there are many sources of metal roof installation contractors listed on the web. Most of the metal roof installation processes require some advanced skills although there are “do it yourself” steps and useful instructions along the internet on how to install a metal roof. However, before attempting to “do it yourself,” take into consideration the dangers of walking and working on a pretty steep roof. Falling from a roof can be catastrophic. It is probably best to leave this to the professional Houston roofing contractors.

You will Need The Right Tools and Equipment

Also, to get started, you need these materials or the equivalent. A drill, marker, hammer, appropriately sized nails, step ladder, different sized screws, measuring tape, metal cutting snips, and excellent protection equipment for the job.

Here Are a Few Simplified Steps of An Installation:

  • Measure the quantity of roofing, add the needed size and calculate for the overhang, the usual size of overhangs range from 2 to 4 inches. Measure the length and height of the required roof, head to your roofing supply store to get the necessary items; also, you need to include a 3 to 6 inches additional for overlapping on each layer.
  • Whether you chose r-panel or crimped roofs, you need to put some tar paper of approximately 30 lbs or proper roofing felt to be the base of your roof. If you have an old roof, you need to put some slat board using 3-inch screws. They should be used every 2 feet lengthwise.
  • Put them down, nail them with a one ¼ inch nail. The rule is to overlap the first sheet It’s a crimped type of roof; you need to overlap one crimp on the sheet below, If its r-type of the panel, one lip will overlap the already installed one. Do them across and cut the rest on both ridges with tin snips and screw the very last sheet of roofing.
  • Install lap 5/16 screws if you are using the r-type of a panel on every 4 feet to where they overlap. The metal trim will cover the edge of the roof and the ridges on top. This trim will go on to the edge, notch them in the middle to let it bend over the ridge, screw them with a ¼ inch metal screw every 2 feet. On r-type panels, you need to install the closures, they are a foam type of rubber that is usually on 3 feet long that follows the r-type panels design, and this prevents animals from getting inside the ridges.
  • Screw them all down and put a 5/16 metal lap screw on both sides of the ridge. On the v-crimp, you a ¼ inch metal screw to each side to the high point and do them every two feet.

Hopefully, Your Install Was Accident-Free

When done you will have saved money on labor costs. Hopefully, you were able to avoid any accidents or missteps that caused severe injury. Installing metal roofing does not require that much work, but it does need precaution safety equipment while working up on a roof, especially on a windy day.


Maintaining Your Austin Home

Importance of Home Maintenance

Home is our shelter, and people rely on their shelter.  Some want to beautify their home; some want to have a simple home.  Either way, it is still called home.  That is why maintaining the upkeep of the house is very essential.  Home is where people hide from the extremes of weather.  Our home is where the family gathers and celebrates occasions.  Home is where we sleep and rest.  Also, it is stressful to be continually dealing with unforeseen breakdowns. Regular home maintenance and repairs are critical, read on to learn why.

Water Source

Water is one of our necessities. When the plumbing breaks down, and you have an Austin water damage incident you have an emergency that must be dealt with promptly. There more to do than just find and repair the water source. Standing water and electricity in your home can be a danger to life. Unattended to flooding and water damage can be the cause of mold requiring the additional expense of Austin mold remediation. Proper maintenance is the best defense to prevent these and other problems getting out of hand.

Maximize the Value if You Decide to Sell the Property

Selling Your Home

The larger the house is, the more it costs to maintain.  If you ever plan to move out to another location, you will most likely want to sell your house.   A well-maintained house will attract more buyers and bring a higher price. The excellent curb appeal and beauty of the house will ensure you recover your cost of purchase and probably the cost of maintaining the property all the years you lived there.

Safe From Harm

Proper home maintenance makes home living safe and sound.  Children are safe from dangerous circumstances like falling on the floor for instance.  It can even help avoid fire incident as well.  Home is shelter; it should not be the cause of harm your family and friends.

Maintaining the Beauty

Regular maintenance makes your home a comfortable place to live. Having a well-maintained house will help you rest comfortably and peacefully.  It allows you to entertain friends who visit your home and enjoy the ambiance of the surroundings.

Maintenance Ensures a Long Service Life for Your Property

One of the important things that you should know about the home maintenance is it prevents small problems from escalating to be a significant expense.  Your home can last a lifetime.  You will be able to live in the house for many years to come.  Aside from that, you can even share with your relatives when you get older.

Don’t Allow a Minor Inconvenience to Become a Major Problem

There are still many reasons why home maintenance is necessary. Aside those listed above, significant features like plumbing and heating should also be monitored on a regular basis. They can be very expensive to replace when they break down. Taking care of the house is necessary to maintain the value of the property.  Owning a house is not a joke.  Being diligent with your house maintenance is a good to develop.  Having a proper home maintenance program will make your life run much smoother.